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What is NASA Space Apps Challenge?

The NASA International Space Apps Challenge is an international mass collaboration that focuses on space research in 48 cities around the world. This organization includes both open source solutions and collaborative problem solving to meet the global needs that are valid both on Earth and on the space. This year the five challenge categories exist; The Earth and Us, Planetary Blues, Warning! Danger Ahead!, Our Ecological Neighborhood and Ideate and Create!. NASA leads this global collaboration with a number of government collaborators and more than 100 local organization teams around the world.

Who We Are

NASA decided to carry out the joint event with the METU Young Entrepreneurs Society in Ankara. METU Young Entrepreneurs Society is one of the most active and hardworking communities in Turkey and has made its name with various events.

METU YES is a student society that produces constructive and creative solutions in every field, defines any person that has a vision of making a difference as an entrepreneur. METU YES has a mission of enhancing the entrepreneur spirits of METU students and creating awareness of entrepreneurship being also a tool for resolving the problem of the high youth unemployment rate in our country.

The Purpose

Field research, where necessary, requires international effort. Combined with international effort, experience and perspective, it will inevitably enable a better product to be produced. The main purpose of the Space Apps Challenge with an international community is to ensure that these communities benefit from valuable and accessible ideas and benefits from the international community.

NASA Space Apps Challange aims to create solutions for all people in the world by putting creativity in the foreground of qualified people in our country. An idea produced locally on this vantage point could be a solution project that could affect the whole humanity in the future.

The Content

The NASA International Space Apps Challenge is a hackathon event that lasts for about 2 days. The purpose of the event is to make people's daily life easier by producing open-source solutions to global problems.

Participants from last year were

Software Developer
Hardware Developer

What is NASA Space Apps Challenge?

Space Apps Challenge, organized by NASA for 5 years, is being conducted in 162 countries this year. NASA organizes a global hackathon to reach the minds that combine creativity and talent. Participants will compete this year with resources provided by NASA under the topics The Earth and Us, Planetary Blues, Warning! Danger Ahead!, Our Ecological Neighborhood, Ideate and Create!. Space Apps Challenge Ankara will be organized by METU Young Entrepreneurs Society in Next Level Shopping Mall between 29-30 April this year. More than 100 projects were created, by the participation of 2,000 people from 25 cities for the first time in 2012, and these solutions produced by teams' collaborations took place in NASA's projects. It is estimated that approximately 12,000 people will participate in this year's event, an event that expands more and more every year with more participation. The winners of the competition will be awarded on a country-by-country basis and in the global arena. On April 30th the finalists selected by the jury will compete with the local project winners. In order to participate in the contest, conditions such as being an expert code writer, astrophysicist or engineer are not required thus it is a competition open to everybody.



Ideate and Create!

The Earth and Us

Planetary Blues

Warning! Danger Ahead!

Our Ecological Neighborhood



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