Frequently Asked Questions

Will the attendees’ expenses be met there?
Participants’ meal expenses will be provided. Other costs (accommodation, transport, etc.) are expected to be provided by the participants.

Can we use any programming language/environment we want in the hackathon?


Is it possible for me to participate as a participant, not as a competitor for the event? If possible, what procedure should we follow?

In near future, we will open the Observer Registration Form with a certain quota. Observers will be able to participate in the event during the event but will not be able to benefit from the facilities (certificates, meals, t-shirts etc) that the competitors will have.

Should the project have a prototype before participation for the hackathon?

No, it may also take place as an idea and can be developed during the event.

Is there an age limit for the Space Apps event?

No, there is not.

What is the limit of participants for a group?

The number of people in a group should be at most 7.

Is participation from outside METU possible?


What will be the awarded?

It is to be announced.

Are financial support given to the projects?

There is no specific plan for investment for the event, however, participating investors might be interested in financing your project.